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Building Local, Earth and Bamboo Design Build Workshops; Colombia

Category: Architecture + Tactics & Co-creation

Year: 2012 - Present

Status: Ongoing

Location: Barichara and Salento, Colombia 

Collaboration: Fundación San Lorenzo, Camilo Holguín, Andres Rubio, Ron Rael, Sociedad Colombiana del Bambu, Ximena Londoño (El paraiso del Bambu y de la Guadua), Universidad Nacional de Colombia Sede Manizales 



Earth and bamboo design-build workshops in Colombia exploring the technical and aesthetic qualities of earth construction as well as decentralized water management alternatives. Included Planning processes with community and students, material procurement and project management.

KEY WORDS: #PassiveDesign #AlternativeMaterials #CommunityDevelopment #Sustainability #WaterManagement #VernacularArchitecture #DesignBuild

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