Reimagining DC’s alley network [Re_act DC], Urban Rehabilitation and Tactical Urbanism, USA

Category: Urban Design + Urban Planning 

Year: 2018 - Present

Client: Multiple; MVT CID

Status: Ongoing

Location: Washington DC, USA

Collaboration: Mount Vernon Triangle Community Improvement District,  EL Studio



Focusing on reclaiming and revitalizing Washington DC's alleyways, and in collaboration with Community Improvement Districts in the city, the project aims to optimize underutilized and undervalued urban spaces and alleys by proposing intermediate scale, inclusive, mix-use interventions with a strong focus on public space, community development and tactical urbanism.

KEY WORDS: #Policy #Guidelines #ParticipatoryPlanning #ParticipatoryDesign #StakeholderEngagement #PilotProjects #Sustainability #Placemaking #TacticalUrbanism​