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Digital Fabrication, The Night Garden, UC Berkeley

Category: Tactics & Co-creation

Year: 2009

Status: Completed

Location: University of California at Berkeley

Collaboration: The installation was developed and constructed in collaboration with graduate architecture students at the University of California at Berkeley and Rael San Fratello Architects



The Night Garden is a vertical landscape built of glowing porcelain tiles within a steel structure supporting translucent vessels designed to hold water and flowers. It is inspired by the historic Spanish courtyards of New Orleans that were built after the fires of the 1780’s and 90’s.

Tiles: plaster molds, designed with Modo, were used to slip cast the porcelain tiles.

Texture: The expression of the tooling paths accentuated the translucent quality of porcelain. Distinctions between gas and electric kiln firing appear in the amber and white.
Materials: The installation references the traditional construction materials (wrought iron, brick, tile), while highlighting the exotic plant life of New Orleans. Vacuum-formed plastic vessels are mounted with LED lights to hold glowing-green water and support the flowers.

KEY WORDS: #AlternativeMaterials  #DesignBuild

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