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Incremental Housing Community Development and Urban Planning; Saint Louis Senegal

Category: Architecture + Urban Design + Urban Planning

Year: 2019

Client: UNOPS

Status: Completed 

Location: Saint Louis, Senegal 

Collaboration: UNOPS 

Conceptual Design and development of initial guidelines of a housing community development (urban planning and incremental housing modules) for a community of fishermen and women displaced by climate change. 

The urban planning and approach aim for an integrated approach and a more sustainable, resilient, inclusive and equitable development, incorporating the principles and objectives reflected in the New Urban Agenda, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and international planning guidelines. The symbiosis of the urban and architectural scales, as well as the incorporation of a housing development perspective that goes beyond the "4 walls and a roof", addressing both hard and soft components together, results in a physical manifestation and designs that directly incorporate passive strategies for thermal control and the optimization of resources, efficient and responsible water management, risk management, and production alternatives that promote self-sustainability, local economic development and community empowerment.

KEY WORDS:  #Housing #LandscapeDesign #NatureBasedSolutions #UrbanResilience #RiskMitigation #Sustainability #WaterManagement #PassiveDesign #UrbanDesign #Sustainability

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